Only Rock and Other Poems


“Much is expressed in a few words with style and originality. Nothing is superfluous in this powerfully moving work” – Daisy Aldan

“The tension between the soaring and the quotidian give her poetry its arresting and archetypical energy” – Stanley Nelson

Nuit Enchantee

Tell the moon to refrain its rapture
and I'll stop playing the flute
The tree's braided hair
falls to your neck
the plants catch the light
are flaming hands
beside the layered lagoon
lilies have left

But the ducks are casual
waddle as usual
and the boars are lost in the odor of mud
till a sudden serpent strikes
and swims that swollen air
out from the bough of the rubber tree
blue frogs ascend



Folder Editions
New York, NY
102 pages
ISBN 0-913-152-53-3

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