Three Windows


Varied in theme this book best illustrates Gould's wry sense of humor. It contains the anthologized “Attempted Dialogue with Cicadas” and poems on Mexico, nature, and the homeless.

“A procession of gongs and silence powerful and effecting. A poet to the bone!” – Stanely Nelson

Attempted Dialogue With Cicadas

Flinging this voice up
is futile I’ll never find them
singing in the tree tops
They seem to be everywhere like stars
but I am defeated
for there are only two or three
each with single notes
pitching me out of my frame
into the sky’s dome
but my voice will never discover
what branches they call from
thriving while I fail to reach them
charging the air
with their magical tremble
thrilling the forest as they did
when we were dream seeds



Reservoir Press
Kingston, NY
38 pages
ISBN: 0-960-8920-2-8

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