In Houses with Ladders


“Keen witty poems of observation, wisdom and savvy…I enjoy the whimsy the amazing range and most of all the brevity and completeness where she sifts our whole civilization in a mere stanza and gets it right.” – Kate Millett

“Poems short on the page but long in perspective, lenses that tilt reflect and refocus worlds we thought we knew.” – Margot Farrington, American Book Review

Shared Dwelling

Horses used to live in your house
A black and white pair
nuzzled each other
painted on the bricks
outside your top windows
and six large letters
spelling HORSES
over what is now the garage
were a sign to all
to board their fruit-cart nags
or the steeds they rode between towns
Now the facade has been redone
and if there were no neighing
in your sleep
even you would not suspect
the years of shelter they took under your roof
when you were invisible
as now they are
alive in the stable of your dreams



Waterside Press
New York, NY
90 Pages
ISBN: 0-936628-02-2

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