Not By Blood Alone


Written in Mexico, in English, this book is a loving testimony to the people of Mexico. Also contains powerful poems dealing with the hidden holocaust in Guatemala during the 80s.

“Gould takes on herself a task often abandoned in post modern poetry–saying something worthwhile in a way that has emotional impact on the reader” – Penny Skillman, Small Press Review


Non-Commercial, Tuxla Gutierrez

Well, all she did was pass the handkerchief on
So why charge more than the food
it takes to stay alive an hour?
She didn't even think it
was part of her being
Not a business woman she
would fail in the eyes of that class
of people, organizers of days, the hard drivers
As she leaned over to kiss her youngest
a fat tot with a dirty face
and laugh words that were incomprehensible to me,
the four of them on the ground,
where she sold the various cloth
she wove or bought,
were shining words around her
I circled the block three three,
to take their light in



Lince Editores
Mexico City
67 pages

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