They extend the days
Our ancestors lacked them
Behind walls of wattle or mud
They slept long
Not prodded by the sun
and stepped out
to dawn’s silhouette of trees

They praised their walls rightly
unable to equal the power of winter
or the blaze of the summer sun

Confined briefly behind walls now
in clothes of our choosing
our modern floors keep the earth out
worms we pretend don’t exist
and the infinite creatures soaring above
invisible to us

Published in Trolley, SUNY Writer’s Institute, 2020
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Improving Nature?

Nature has a way of insisting
You can’t fool her, it’s true
You open up the sky for a quarter
But find the water is gone
You dig to hell for proof
But nothing is there
Where are can you go

Your new mode of movement does nothing
Though you walk on your nose to the stage
And a bundle of money is awarded
Though you primp in the mirror for hours
Next morning you’re nowhere again

So you read how to eat
And read how to breathe
Ignoring the rain and the children
Skating paved rivers and gardens of chrome
guffawing with guts made of plaster

Published in Waymark 2021
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Kandinsky, Revisited

Midway up
the sandy hill
a whale lies grounded
green in the haze of hot
It wants to swim
to the peak
but can’t
The houses tilt
with the tawny terrain
A pink stream
flows past
They start to quake
Then each flies off
The whale stays solid on the hill
The blue road reaching its tail
hold no ox or wagon
The pale sky receives it all

Published in Waymark, 2019
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