Several     2010


I wanted to do a somersault

at the height of senectitude

But my eye glasses cracked

and three bones couldn’t perform

So I took up acting

My dog crossed the stage

at the climax and barked

The audience was confused

as I stood in the wings

and she cocked her head

under the lights gazed at me

awaiting my words and my voice,

which were her music

Feb.22, 2010


The bones are growing

but brain is folding up

You’’re on a trip

a vacation

not a care in your head

Drink your milk, they say

you obey with exquisite fromage

to live a century and a half

more than your bible has promised

Now what?

You don’t ask

the stations of your cross

are new

and special

They pleasure you

at each

Even the whips are a good

in this life of queens

and kings

the earth neatly divided

a blind fold when your new vehicle

passes beggars on the road

and a few lepers

as you head for the next stop

and give yourself to your masters



The squirrels were scurrying

Three of them frolicking

or mating

in the trees

fronded boughs obscuring

what was happening

But there were flashes

of movement

feelings of happiness

a pigeon passing overhead

and a pencil that followed

jotting it down

May 2010


I was a bit remiss

Forgive me

There was a car race, a ball game, a

broken connection to the internet

and the latest technological wonder

come to town

Nothing personal, no slight in this

I swear it

Simply that my recall failed

so that I remembered a day late

which was too late

And now I can’t tell you!

So I display my burdened time

to readers who are confirm

in others’ words

regretting that you’ve departed for good

as I stop a moment and realize

what seemed to be a mental entity

was your flesh and your blood

May, 2010