Two Poems October, 2013


It was a general conversation about finding 
and losing, climbing and falling,
dusking and dawning  Yet it was more
The air invisible to us
was replete with creatures
the flies could see
The hands of the clock were no longer there
a flashing and beeping surpassed the centuries
every once in a while

As the river flowed on we didn’t step in
watched from a millennial hill
unwilling to keep wheeling along

A Painting
For Sergio Garval

Don’t steal that bishop from the shopping cart
as he’s wheeled with a bevy of squatters
in the acrylic river Sergio creates
which is the beginning of water

All are grim in this grayness of time
luxury rampant in its cages
divas devoid of any smile
ready for a new round of business

Then a cloned fuehrer
raises a fist
and a goon in beauty shop drier trails behind
after which a brush stroke opens the sky
and dawn glimmers
having taken its sweet, certain time